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The SICK vision products provided by CHRONOS VISION enable you to replace manual test and measurement procedures with state-of-the-art digital image processing techniques. The resulting cuts in cost and time-to-market enhance your competitiveness.


The SICK cameras and vision sensors represent a new dimension for flexibility in automation. They facilitate 3D profile measurement of arbitrarily shaped objects, localization and positioning, and identification of imprinted text, symbols or coding.

3D Cameras

The SICK high-speed 3D cameras operate on the basis of laser triangulation. This generated a sequence of height profiles of the measured object. The cameras can be programmed to yield up to 35000 profiles per second.

The Ranger can be configured flexibly for a variety of tasks, such as simultaneous evaluation (Multiscan) of brightness, glint and light scatter. The ColorRanger incorporates additional sensor lines dedicated specifically to high resolution color and grey-level measurements.
The Ruler E is a pre-calibrated high-speed 3D camera for deployment in harsh industrial conditions. It incorporated an integrated laser and fixed optical system for a specific field-of-view.
The Scanning Ruler measures the 3d shape and 2d intensity of stationary parts. The internal rotating mirror sweeps the laser line over the stationary parts.
SICK's PLB vision system is designed for precise localization of randomly orientated parts in bins and boxes. It enables the easy introduction of new parts into existing work cells by using CAD-based 3D shape matching.
The PLR is a stand-alone vision system for robot-automated part handling. The sensor combines state-of-the-art 2D and 3D machine vision techniques.

Smart Cameras

The IVC-2D and IVC-3D products are high performance smart cameras intended for flexible solutions in automation. They are initially programmed via PC or Laptop and then run in standalone mode. Test and measurement data can be transferred directly e.g. to SPS, and/or monitored via Ethernet.

The IVC-2D Smart Camera can be programmed to simultaneously test and monitor a number of parameters, such as lid position, content level and labelling. This can also include simultaneous recognition of numbers, letters, 2D-codes and barcodes.

The IVC-3D Smart Camera is factory calibrated. It incorporates image acquisition camera, illumination source and analysis processor in a single housing. This represents the ideal solution for those situations where size, shape and form are important information of the production process.

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Vision Sensors

Smart Sensors

The Inspector represents an intelligent image processing solution for those situations where medium-performance sensor intelligence is suitable. The Inspector sensors are commonly used for quality assurance and integrity – regardless of object orientation – are demanded. The straightforward integration of the Inspector series, with flexible performance and exchangeable lenses and the IP-67 metal housing facilitates a variety of task-specific solutions.

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