From idea to application

Whether you are looking for suitable camera hardware or a turnkey solution – contact CHRONOS VISION! Through consultancy or complimentary sample testing we can assist you in finding the optimal solution. If you require clear criteria for your decision process and seek professional advice on the prospects and risks of your planned project we can perform a comprehensive feasibility study.


We also offer customer-specific training and supervision during the development phase and beyond. CHRONOS VISION guides you in realising the optimal solution and in finding the best partners.
It is our task to provide each customer with the required amount of supervision and consultancy for the successful completion of each development project.

Consultancy & Support

  • Precise definition of requirements and performance.
  • Free-of-charge sample testing in our 3D-lab. Just fill out our Online-Questionnaire and send us a sample of your product or component.
  • Design concept for optimal camera and optics
  • Advice on laser protection issues

SICK Premium Partner

  • Distribution of SICK vision products
  • Distributor for camera and lighting components
  • Rental systems for initial in-site testing, send your enquiry to

Know-How Transfer

  • Individual training for transfer of technical know-how
  • Workshops on measuring individual samples
  • Familiarisation courses in 3D data processing
  • Support for camera calibration procedures

Project-specific Support

  • On-site consultancy and testing
  • Comprehensive feasibility studies
  • 2D and 3D calibration procedures

Software Development

  • Development of 2D- and 3D image processing algorithms
  • Data export in standard 3D formats
  • Development of measurement operators and customer-specific workbenches
  • Visualization and utilization of calibrated data

System Integration

  • Support during system integration and commissioning
  • Mediation of system integrator partners
  • Support with problems and emergency situation