Mission statement

CHRONOS VISION provides professional, custom-designed solutions in the field of high-speed industrial and medical image processing. We are committed to supporting our customers in the successful implementation


of sophisticated applications and innovative products. Our goal is to establish long-term business partnerships with our customers, characterized by mutual respect and confidence.



CHRONOS VISION was founded in 1998 by the present CEOs Dr. Baartz and Prof. Clarke with the aim of developing cutting-edge engineering solutions for the challenging requirements in medical and industrial image processing.



Drawing from the expertise of the research group for balance and gait disorders at the Charité Medical School in Berlin and under the auspices of the German Space Agency (DLR), CHRONOS VISION developed the first high-speed three-dimensional eye tracking device, which has since been established worldwide as a research and clinical diagnostic instrument. Our knowledge in the field of vestibular and oculomotor research has been the driving force in the development of innovative medical devices, and continues to contribute to our customer-specific solutions in the area of refractive surgery.



Our long-standing and close cooperation with the Swedish Spin-off Integrated Vision Products (IVP) has enabled us to establish and continuously improve our knowledge and experience in the field of 3D image processing. The revolutionary concept of On-Chip Processing, as originally developed by IVP – now a subsidiary of the German SICK AG – represents a major milestone in sensor technology. This enables the Ranger Cameras from SICK to acquire and process three-dimensional imaging with profile rates of up to 35 kHz.
CHRONOS VISION’s status as Premium Partner for distribution and support of the SICK AG underwrites our competence in high-speed image processing, with which we are in a position to communicate and deliver bespoke hardware and software solutions to OEMs, system integrators and end customers.



In order to ensure and maintain our high engineering standards CHRONOS VISION’s quality management system is certified according to the DIN EN ISO 13485 standards.
Optimized work procedures and standardized processes ensure at CHRONOS VISION consistently high quality and therefore customer satisfaction.